Million Writers Award: Notable Stories of 2016

I was happy to hear that my short story, “Saving Hermann Hesse,” Eclectica (April/May 2015) made the 2016 storySouth Million Writers Award list of notable stories. The goal of the competition is to honor and promote the best fiction published in online literary journals and magazines during 2015. Thanks to Eclectica editor Tom Dooley for nominating me. For stories and links, see below.

“The Brooklyn Tolstoy” by Doug Berverole

“Where Do You Think You’re Going” by Daphne Buter

“Tasneem” by Ahsan Butt

“The Clean Rooms” by J’Lyn Chapman

“The Vishakanya’s Choice” by Roshani Chockshi

“Giver of Life” by Dawn S. Davies

“Soup” by Chikodili Emelumadu

“The Salt Wedding” by Gemma Files

“Shueyville” by Kate Folk

“All That We Loved, All That We Burned” by Laura Haugen

“Saving Hermann Hesse” by Rudy Koshar

“The Son of Summer and Eli” by Lee L. Krecklow

“The Parable of Nick Burns” by Danny Judge

“Tiny Dancer” by Lisa Lang

“Leftovers by Kiare Ladner”

“Half in the Truth” by Gariot Louima

“Devildoms” by Saytchyn Maddux-Creech

“A Series of Accidents & Punctuation Marks” by Ilana Masad

“Act 1 of That Football Story, or: The Tragedy of Mack Bethlehem” by JD Mitchell

“The Battle” by David Naimon

“On A Wild, Red Dawn” by Billy O’Callaghan

“The Glass Girl” by Wendy Oleson

“The Orange Line by Cantrice J. Penn”

“Father Fox” by Martin Pousson

“Last Song” by Annie Reid

“The Boy Wonder” by Robert Roman

“The Android’s Prehistoric Menagerie” by A. Merc Rustas

“A Famous Man” by Kathryn Scanlan

“On the Moon” by Amy Scharmann

“Hot Lesbian Vampire Magic School” by Julia Ridley Smith

“From Within” by Richard Thomas

“Bethlehem” by Chika Unigwe

“A Primer on Separation” by Debbie Urbanski

“Do You Hear What I’m Saying?” by Kori Waring

“Big Joy Family” by Jude Whelchel