A Brief Glimmer of Reason

A Dane County Circuit Court judge has ruled that Wisconsin’s so-called “Right to Work” law is unconstitutional. Those who see the law for what it is–a move to allow free riders to take advantage of union representation without contributing to the cost and thereby cripple unions–are justly pleased, as suggested by the following press release from April 8 by State Assembly Democratic Leader Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point):

“With research showing Wisconsin as one of the most stagnant states for middle-class growth, today’s ruling is a victory for working families. In the year since the Republican-led legislature swiftly passed and enacted so-called “Right to Work” in Wisconsin, we have seen little to no legislative action from Republicans on raising wages, growing family-supporting jobs, and rebuilding Wisconsin’s middle class. So-called ‘Right to Work’ has not worked for Wisconsin’s working families, and today is a victory for everyone who works hard and deserves the chance to get ahead.”

The Walker administration has already set in motion an appeal. The case will likely make it to the State Supreme Court, where conservatives have a 5-2 majority. In the meantime, it’s worth celebrating the judge’s ruling, a brief glimmer of reason in the otherwise dark night of Wisconsin politics.