Microfiction, or sudden fiction, often 250 words or less, continues to fascinate me. I just had one of my pieces published in Microfiction Monday (Issue 49) this morning. My thanks to the editor, Gayle Towell, who made a suggestion that considerably improved this piece. See link to the magazine below.

He puts the water on, drops in two large brown eggs from the co-op, organic, free-range, opens his digital edition of the Times, reads that wildfires are devastating a part of the San Gabriel Valley and Britain has left the European Union, he hears the water boiling, there was a bloody riot in a private prison in Texas, of course, and oh, the plight of Syrian refugees, then he remembers he forgot to set the timer, takes the eggs off, submerges them in cold water, cracks one open, and damn, it’s undercooked.

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