My thanks to the editors of Ad Hoc Fiction, where my new microfiction, “Blasé,” was just published. Ad Hoc Fiction is a weekly flash fiction ebook. Here it is in full along with a link to the magazine.

Crewcut and Longhair clash at a crowded bus stop in west Seattle. We are standing there, everything is calm, and all of a sudden clenched fists fill the air like hail in a summer storm. Profanities erupt, and we wonder how long it will take before one of the fighters brandishes a knife or, these days, a gun. I think of stepping in front of my wife to protect her from a possible bullet, but before I can get my legs to move, Crewcut and Longhair end their scuffle. Just like that. They exchange a few more choice words, asshole, fuck you, scumbag, and then Longhair leaves with a bloody nose, which he wipes with his black t-shirt, and Crewcut, his right eye already swollen shut, boards the bus as if no fabric had been torn and no splinter in time created.

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